Polyurethanes and their application

Polyurethane and its derivatives are widely used polymers in various industries around the world. The formulation of these polymers is … Read More

What is a resin?

Resin is a polymer with large molecular chains that are produced naturally or synthetically (centrifugal). Resin flooring is a raw … Read More

Polyurethane flooring and its types (Part II)

Differences between polyurethane flooring and epoxy flooring In general, polyurethane and epoxy flooring are the most widely used coating materials … Read More

10 Applications of Polyurethane You Have Never Thought of

Polyurethanes are a good example; these materials have many and varied applications in human life. Applications that are primarily for … Read More

Polyurethane flooring and its types (Part I)

In general, reducing floor pollution and protecting surfaces from corrosion may lead to the provision of durable flooring that is … Read More

Cement Plast resin (synthetic stone resin)

Artificial stone resin flooring is one of the concrete additives designed for artificial stones’ special performance and quality characteristics. This … Read More

Vinyl Ester Resin

Polyester resins are reinforced with epoxy, which is similar to polyesters and has properties similar to epoxy. Properties Used in … Read More

Types of epoxy resins (EPOXIES)

The name epoxy comes from the fact that the molecules in this system of resins contain carbon-oxygen, which is why … Read More

FRP fiber resin or adhesive (FRP fiber)

Concrete and masonry structures need reinforcement for various reasons such as problems and executive errors, changes in operating conditions, changes … Read More

Hydrophilic epoxy-based resin injection

Description DEZOSIVE 5000 is based on epoxy resin, two components, without filler and filler, with high permeability, for filling and … Read More

The additive of artificial stone resin

Description Dezobuild r-44 resin is designed to produce artificial stone, ready-mixed concrete, prefabricated concrete plants, and the production of strong … Read More

What is the use of polyurethane in the medical world?

Polyurethane resin flooring is a type of polymer used for various purposes in the medical world due to its many … Read More

What is polyurethane? (Part Two)

Polyurethane dispersion resins (PUDs) A well-known approach within the manufacture of water-primarily based polyurethane dispersion resins is getting ready a … Read More

What is polyurethane? (Part One)

Polyurethanes are a collection of flexible polymers with top-notch properties. Therefore, designers and experts withinside the coating enterprise can use … Read More

Transparent Epoxy Resin

You should know that there are different types of epoxy resin in the market. In other words, epoxy resin is … Read More

Sale of polyurethane resin, the best resin on the market with wide applications (Part II)

In the following description of the broad applications of polyurethane resin, we must also name the following reasons: Excellent strength … Read More

Sale of polyurethane resin, the best resin on the market with wide applications (Part 1)

It sells polyurethane resin for those who intend to use old flooring such as tiles, ceramics, etc., discarding these old … Read More

About Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethane (PU) is the generic name for many chemicals that have a urethane bond. The urethane bond is formed by … Read More

Types of resin flooring and its applications (Part IV)

Polyurea resin flooring Polyurea is an elastomeric product resulting from the reaction between a compound of isocyanate and a mixture … Read More

Types of resin flooring and its applications (Part III)

In the continuation of the previous article, we want to explain the steps of applying polyurethane flooring after surface preparation: … Read More

Types of resin flooring and its applications (Part II)

In the previous section, we got acquainted with different types of epoxy resin Floors. In this article, we want to … Read More

Types of resin flooring and its applications (Part I)

Resin flooring is a good option for a variety of industries (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, machine-building factories, etc.); Because these … Read More

Types and Benefits of Polyurethane Resin

All in all, polyurethanes are manufactured resins or plastics that outcome from a polyaddition response between dialcohols or polyols and … Read More

Familiarity with different types of resins

One of the basic materials in the production of chemical products is resin flooring. Resins are used to produce concrete adhesives, … Read More

Epoxy vinyl ester resin coating

Vinyl ester resin coating is one of the most widely used and widely used resins in various industries. Epoxy vinyl … Read More

Everything about polyurethane resin

Polyurethane sheets are formed by incremental reactions between an isocyanate group and an active hydrogen compound such as a hydroxyl … Read More

What is epoxy resin?

Epoxy resins, which today have a very high efficiency of materials in strengthening, repairing, and strengthening various structures, especially in … Read More

The benefits of resin flooring

The benefits of resin flooring Resin floors have many advantages based upon where you want to place them. Resin flooring … Read More

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