FRP fiber resin or adhesive (FRP fiber)

Concrete and masonry structures need reinforcement for various reasons such as problems and executive errors, changes in operating conditions, changes in standards and regulations, increasing the structure’s life, increasing the floors, etc. One of the leading methods with quality, fast and light reinforcement of concrete structures (reinforcement, reinforcement of beams, shear walls, columns, slabs, etc.) […]

The additive of artificial stone resin

Description Dezobuild r-44 domestic resin flooring is designed to produce artificial stone, ready-mixed concrete, prefabricated concrete plants, and the production of strong concrete that is expected to achieve high strength and good performance. Dezobuild r-44 is chlorine-free. Chemical performance and behavior Conventional superplasticizers, generally based on melamine sulfonate or naphthalene formaldehyde, are adsorbed on cement […]

What is polyurethane? (Part II)

Polyurethane dispersion resins (PUDs) A well-known approach within the manufacture of water-primarily based polyurethane dispersion resins is getting ready a prepolymer with the very last isocyanate institution, which modifies the polyol withinside the chain shape carboxylic acid purposeful institution. This fabric with the 0.33 form of amine in Water is dispersed to shape ionic centres […]