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One of the popular applications of resin in the construction industry is in gyms, spas and other fitness clubs. If you are going to establish a commercial gym, choosing the right material for the flooring is very critical. To have a perfect gym flooring, you must consider the following points:
• The floor must be hygienic
• Resistant to the impact of sport equipment and dumbbells
• Resistant to temperature changes
• Easy to clean
• Resistant to chemicals
Therefore, it is essential to choose the material that meets the needs mentioned above. As well as safety, the appearance of the gym has a significant impact on attracting new clients and maintenance of the existing clients.
People like to spend their exercise time in an environment that is hygienic, eye-catching and pleasant, in fact the more beautiful and attractive is an environment the more energy level it emit, this is essential for places like as gyms. Therefore, the interior decoration of the gym and the materials used are very important and need to be chosen carefully, especially for spaces such as yoga studios, main salons, weight rooms, and locker rooms.
Our company UK Resin Floors offers Polypure Acoustic (polyurethane) for your gym floors. In this system the inner layers contain 4 or 9 millimetres of liquid rubber. This is the best kind of floor for dance and indoor sports, such as basketball as it can enhance the bouncing of ball and greatly reduce injuries. We also offer various kind of designs and colour ranges so there is no limitation in your choice, you are free to choose any tint of colour and design.


Resin flooring is the solution for all needs of which a gyms floor is required to have. As a specialist in floor covering, we strongly recommend resin flooring. By using resin, you bring beauty, safety, and hygiene to your gym at the same time.
In terms of resistance, the resin materials come out top, because it does not crack easily against the impacts caused by falling dumbbells and other sport equipment. Moreover, it can stand heavy foot traffic and it is resistant to temperature changes and impermeable to water and sweat.
One of the most important features of resin is that it is ant-slip, so it prevents slipping and falling which may cause serious injuries. Resin flooring is easy to install, and your gym will be ready in a very short period of time. Resin floors are seamless and easy to clean, resistant to chemicals, and do not wear out after multiple washes.
For more information and cost estimate, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you with any kind of your questions.

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