Cement Plast resin (synthetic stone resin)

Artificial stone resin flooring is one of the concrete additives designed for artificial stones’ special performance and quality characteristics. This additive can cause the high density in the artificial stone mortar with the least vibration, increase the resistance due to the low water to cement ratio and more uniform distribution of cement, stone gloss, less permeability, and more durability against melting and freezing process and Crystallization of salt as well as less absorption of foreign substances and pus.

 Synthetic stone resin or cement plastic resin

Product introduction
This product is based on polycarboxylic ether, which is used to achieve a very high psychological flow of concrete and produce very high-strength concretes in prefabricated concrete factories, artificial stone manufacturers, and cement-plast systems.


  • Production of artificial stones
  • Production of precast concrete with high mechanical strength
  • Production of mosaics with less thickness and more resistance
  • Production of Plast Cement
  • Production of quality concrete and high mechanical strength
  • Production of flooring with higher resistance


  • Ease of implementation
  • Excessive increase in slump or flow of concrete
  • Reduce excess air in the concrete by up to 70%
  • Reduce water consumption from 10 to 20%
  • Compatibility with different types of cement used in concrete
  • Ease of pumping and reduction of depreciation of pumping equipment
  • Extremely increase the compressive strength of concrete
  • Reduce concrete permeability
  • Reduce concrete vibrators
  • Reduce concreting time
Cement Plast resin
Cement Plast resin


The actual amount of consumption depends on the region’s climatic conditions and the desired level of efficiency, but typically between 0.3 to 0.8% by weight of cement used to achieve proper performance.

Method of Use

This product can be used in different ways depending on the climate of the region. For example, before concreting, the stone resin can be mixed with concrete, and it takes approximately 3 minutes for the stone resin floors to mix completely with the concrete. Concrete added.

Technical Specifications

  • Physical state: liquid
  • Color: dark brown
  • Ph: about 8
  • Eun Keller: No.
  • Specific weight: 1.12 gr / cm3


This product is marketed in 20 kg gallons and 220 kg barrels.


Store in original packaging away from cold.
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