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Domestic resin flooring

Domestic resin flooring  is a priority when considering a floor for your home, if you are looking for  a stylish, sanitary, durable and practical surface, undoubtedly, this is resin covering that meets all these features. Domestic resin covering is very applicable you can use it for different places, including:

  • kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • W.C
  • Walls

A uniform, resistant and luxurious surface is what you get from  Domestic resin flooring.

Using Resin coating for Kitchen

Do not neglect resin if you want to create your dream and luxurious kitchen.  Resin flooring is the best choice for interiors especially kitchens due to its unique features. We are in UKRESIN ready to create a stylish, modern and beautiful space for you using the highest quality products and various designs and colors with our expert team. We recommend you to  domestic resin flooring types among other alternatives if you are looking to renovate or build your kitchen. Considering the customer’s needs is our priority, because of that we use polyurethane and microcements among other products that are more qualified.  Using resin in the kitchen is very suitable because of its significant advantages, such as being seamless, easy to clean, durability, and creating a unite space. Resin walls and floors are resistant to chemicals, do not absorb water, and can be easily cleaned with just a piece of cloth.  There are no seams in this system, though the spot and dirt cannot penetrate through it. In addition, you can also make your kitchen walls uniform and attractive. Thanks to the variety of colors and designs in resin, we are responsive to all different taste especially the clients with fastidious tastes.

Resin coating for Kitchen

Using resin coating for bathroom

Since the bathroom is a place that is constantly exposed to moisture and damages caused by moisture, therefore to maintain the health and strength of the building the resistance and impermeability of surface is very important.

The best solution to prevent dampness of the building and even water penetration into other parts of the building or the neighboring building is to use resin coating .Resin coatings are seamless and impermeable and leave no room for water to penetrate and gathering at the corners, it means no more Mold buildings on the edges. By resinous walls and floors you will get rid of dangerous and disturbing molds created by humidity so you will have more healthy and hygienic place for showering.

In addition, they are slip resistant so you and your kids can take a shower safely. If we want to talk about resin in terms of aesthetic, resin creates a unite surface and you can choose the best color from our vast color range that match to the space and interior decoration. Enjoy your shower having a pleasant and safe atmosphere of a resinous bathroom.

Using resin coating for floors

Resin floors have high resistance so if you are using underfloor heating system at home, don’t worry about damages caused by heat. The materials we use for our clients are the best resin materials and we take great pride in the quality of our products.

If you are going to replace the old floor with a new one don’t worry you don’t need to remove the old ceramics or other flooring materials to apply resin floor because we apply resin on the old one. This way you will save your time and reduce your costs. Easily cleaning is another reasons that makes resin flooring popular for interior usage. Domestic resin flooring gives you beauty and comfort at the same time. To have an attractive, comfortable and high quality floor don’t hesitate to contact us.