Eco Freindly

RESIN FLOORING COMPNY offers customers added value and innovation whilst we try on Reduce our impact to the environment  In order to achieve this we have carefully chosen a supplier which is well known in  low-emission, environmentally friendly products and packaging in Europe.

We combine economic, future-oriented thinking, Corporate Social Responsibility with our knowledge and passion for our products.

Green Natural Source


Castor oil is derived from bean of the castor plant  belonging to the

family of Euphorbiaceac. It is a mixture of triglyceride fatty acids. The unique

characteristic of this oil is that it contents approximately 90% of ricinoleic acid.

With a worldwide trend towards biodegradable materials, non polluting and biomass products, this green based sourced polyurethane resin floors is an alternative to formaldehyde based resins. Formaldehyde in its composition when released may cause problems to the environment and human health. Castor oil based polyurethane resin flooring is a bicomponent type, formed from a polyol component derived from the castor beans.This amazing plant seems to be the best solution for delivering better mechanical performance and reduces the use of the derivative component of the petroleum. The use of renewable raw materials reduces dependency on fossil resources and can help mitigate climate change. With a high proportion of natural, renewable resources our flooring systems ensure low emissions and result in high indoor air quality.

We use Castor oil  as a bio-based polyol in our polyurethane products . The average functionality  of castor oil is 2.7, so it is widely used as a rigid polyol and in coatings. castor-oil emulsion is reacted with an isocyanate and a cement and construction aggregate. This is applied fairly thickly as a slurry which is self-levelling. This base works further with other systems to build a resilient floor.

Green Building


Arturo products contribute to a healthy indoor climate by very low emission of volatile organic compounds. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), is the world’s longest established method of assessing, rating, and certifying the sustainability of new and existing buildings. BREEAM sets requirements for flooring with a view to the interior, Hea 9 – Volatile Organic Compounds. Arturo products contribute to a healthy indoor climate by very low emission of volatile organic compounds. Here you can download the BREEAM confirmations.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD’s)


Providing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), we create a unique degree of transparency for our Arturo products: EPDs are independently vertified registered documents that communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. With our EPDs, we provide architects, specifiers, and those inviting tenders with reliable information for designing sustainable building projects. At the same time, we commit ourselves to continuing to improve the environmental friendliness of our products, thus sharpening our competitive edge.Here you can download the Arturo EPD´s.

Certificated Arturo products


If you choose an Arturo floor, you choose a floor that fits perfectly in sustainable buildings. Eco Institute has conducted an audit of Unipro, the manufacturer of Arturo products. Eco Institute fully certified the production process and quality.

CO Performance Ladder


Uzin Utz Nederland only uses green energy, is completely CO2 neutral and is even taking major steps towards reducing CO2 emissions in the field of mobility. This is demonstrated by the position that Uzin Utz Nederland has been able to conquer on the CO2 Performance Ladder, an instrument that helps companies to reduce CO2. Uzin Utz Nederland is the first company to move from level 0 to level 5 on the CO2 performance ladder and is also certified as such.

Packaging Arturo products


A wide range of different packaging units may offers exactly the order the correct quantity of product. As a result, residual material on the work floor is limited to a minimum. So no waste!

Healthy Indoor Climate


A good indoor climate is important in order to work or live healthily. Arturo products are solvent-free, low-emission and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Regular internal and external quality control and compliance with legal regulations such as those of the AgBB (German Committee for the Health- Related  Evaluation of  Building Products) are a priority for us.

Sustainability at Uzin Utz Nederland


A sustainable and healthy work climate is firmly anchored in our DNA. For example, the step towards much healthier synthetic resin dispersion adhesives was already made in the early 1980s. Not long afterwards, Uzin Utz Nederland was the first in the market to supply exclusively solvent-free adhesives. Even today, sustainability is a top priority for us. This can be found in the range and packaging, but also in the business premises.

Welcome to “the greenest factory” in the Netherlands


Uzin Utz Nederland has translated its vision on sustainability in a practical way into a modern way of building and producing. Sustainability has been taken into account in detail during construction. For example, there is no gas connection, which means that the products purchased from the “greenest” factory are produced completely CO2-neutral.

Sustainable production does not have to be complex or expensive. With common sense and sophisticated measures, the consumption of water, energy and raw materials can already be significantly reduced. Uzin Utz Nederland proves this with the test of GPR-Gebouw. The “score” for the sustainability performance of the “greenest” factory opened by Queen Máxima in 2014 is 8.66.

Everything under one roof: transparent, clean and safe


Uzin Utz Nederland has consciously chosen a sustainable and energy-saving building with a natural look and feel. The building, with its large amount of glass, ensures transparency and better contact between employees. In addition, we have placed great emphasis on the working conditions and comfort of the employees. We have lunch together every day and have created workplaces for colleagues with a distance to the labour market.

The heating of the buildings and the heat required in production areas is generated by a combination of pellet heating and geothermal heat using a heat pump. As soon as additional heating is required, this is generated from the biomass fuelled pellet heating. The overall operation of the buildings and production is CO2 neutral.

The air, light and temperature are sensor-controlled, meaning the work conditions are always ideal. The taps, showers and toilets are designed so that water consumption is minimal.

The roof is covered with vegetation, with the plants providing insulation against heat, cold and noise. The plants bind CO2 and fine dust particles from the air. Rainwater is collected and utilized for flushing the toilets.


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