PolyPure DriveGuard

Premium resin solution for durable and stylish driveways


PolyPure DriveGuard

Revolutionise your driveway with PolyPure DriveGuard – a premium resin drive solution that combines durability and style. Crafted with our advanced polyurethane material, this innovative driveway coating provides a seamless and long-lasting finish. Choose from an array of colours to suit your aesthetic preferences. Elevate your curb appeal with PolyPure DriveGuard, setting a new standard for resilient and eye-catching resin driveways. Transform your driveway with a premium resin solution, seamlessly blending durability and style, including the option of polished concrete.


UK Resin Floors have been providing great flooring solutions and customer service for homeowners with a concept that is reflected in the blueprints, project plans, in 3D visualizations.

  • Remains elastic
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Seamless
  • Deep matte finish
  • Suitable for indoor only application
  • Can be applied on top of existing (tiled) flooring
  • Suitable where noise reduction and extra comfort is needed
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial Gyms & Health clubs
  • 4 mm of rubber across the floor
  • Wear-resistant
  • Active ultraviolet blocker
  • Fire: R10-R12
  • Completely free from solvents
  • Compatible with all type of UFH
  • Wear-resistant
  • Fluid-tight
  • Aliphatic polyurethane materials
  • Up to 18 db sound reduction
  • Reduces injuries
Sheen level in g.u. ( gloss units )6
Scratch resistance in Newton6-7
Shore D hardness50
R value indication - dry10
R value - wet (including slip resistant topcoat)11-12
Installation Time5-7 days