Polyurethane flooring and its types (Part I)

In general, reducing floor pollution and protecting surfaces from corrosion may lead to the provision of durable flooring that is resistant to harsh environmental and chemical conditions. On the other hand, issues related to the architecture and aesthetics of the environment are just as important.
Polyurethane flooring system or polyurethane flooring is one of the items that has become popular among individuals and owners of different halls, both in terms of economic issues and the price of flooring and a protective and aesthetic point of view. One of the main applications of polyurethane resin floors is related to flooring, which is known as industrial polyurethane flooring. Now join us in this part of Persian Sazeh to get more familiar with this product and get reliable information about polyurethane flooring.

What is polyurethane flooring?

Polyurethane flooring or polyurethane flooring are a class of engineering polymers mainly used to produce foam and industrial coatings. The unique properties of polyurethane have led to its widespread use in the field of coating. Polyurethane flooring is a two-component flooring with different properties compared to other types of coatings, and this type of polyurethane coating has no solvent. It is interesting to know that polyurethane coatings have found a suitable place in the field of flooring because they have good adhesion to different levels of concrete, metal, and wood.

Types of polyurethane flooring

  1. Sports polyurethane flooring

One of the most important applications of polyurethane flooring is in gyms. Because polyurethane flooring has good flexibility and good impact resistance, it is a good option as a gym floor because it does not lose its quality over time.

  1. Industrial polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane flooring is also a great choice for industrial environments; Because these floors have good resistance to industrial hazardous materials and chemicals. One of the applications of this type of coating is on pipe surfaces. Good strength and easy implementation make this product used on pipe surfaces.

  1. Sparkproof polyurethane flooring

It is interesting to know that, in general, anti-sparking polyurethane flooring is conductive. This type of polyurethane prevents sparks from bypassing static electricity through it; Therefore, this type of polyurethane can be used in places where the spark may have irreparable damage (such as ammunition depots and explosives storage depots).

  1. Scratch-resistant polyurethane flooring

This type of polyurethane can be used in cases where surface roughness is important for use. It should be noted that polyurethane flooring has special regulations and standards, and these products must have passed their physical, chemical, and mechanical tests.

  1. Antibacterial polyurethane flooring

Antibacterial flooring, also called sanitary flooring or hospital flooring, is seamless, seamless, and perfectly smooth to prevent bacteria and germs from growing. It is washable and resistant to chemicals. It is possible to draw and design on sanitary flooring, and it can be applied in different colors. Due to its high mechanical strength, it is the best option for places with high traffic. Antibacterial flooring is commonly used as hospital flooring, especially operating room flooring, food industry flooring, pharmaceutical flooring, abattoir flooring, and health flooring.

  1. Polyurethane parking flooring

Polyurethane parking floors and ramps can be applied on all surfaces, including concrete, metal, mosaic, asphalt, wood, stone, etc. Due to their lightweight, they reduce the structure’s weight compared to other floors reduce other costs. Polyurethane parking flooring is the most suitable option for covering the parking floor of houses, public and multi-story car parks, ramp flooring, and repairing the surface of old parking lots. Easy to wash, easy to maintain and repair, and at least 20 years of useful life are other advantages of polyurethane parking flooring.

  1. Three-dimensional floor

In general, three-dimensional flooring can diversify the space and interior view and surprise the viewer for a moment. 3D flooring uses angled (perspective) images and multiple translucent layers to create a sense of three-dimensional images. Resistant to abrasion, scratches, and non-slip. Washable and resistant to detergents. 3D flooring is the best flooring for bathroom flooring, bathroom flooring, and kitchen flooring, but with more creativity, it can be used in other environments and even walls. It has a long life and low maintenance costs. It is also thermal and sound insulation and prevents water penetration.

Polyurethane flooring
Polyurethane flooring

Advantages of polyurethane flooring

  1. Light resistance and non-degradability of polyurethane flooring

When it comes to light resistance in polyurethane flooring, we have to separate the two categories. The optical resistance of polyurethane flooring means that it does not degrade under sunlight. As we know, the epoxy structure is damaged by the sun’s rays, and this process occurs in the form of gypsum. Polyurethane is an exception to this rule.

  1. Abrasion resistance of polyurethane flooring

Polyurethane flooring has a high abrasion resistance due to its urethane structure, which of course, depends on the hardness of the flooring. This means that if we have a soft flooring that is generally used for sports by changing the structure of polyurethane flooring, then the abrasion resistance is not very high. Still, due to the type of sports application, high abrasion resistance is not expected.

  1. Flexibility and non-fragility of polyurethane flooring

As mentioned above, polyurethane flooring is generally not as brittle as an epoxy flooring. It is also very important to mention that in industrial polyurethane flooring, the hardness should not be too low because the abrasion resistance will be reduced. It should be noted that this type of polyurethane flooring is not desirable in an industrial hall or parking lot.

  1. Reasonable price along with the application of environmental laws

One of the prominent features of polyurethane resin flooring is ensuring health during installation and operation and ensuring the strict rules of various environmental organizations in the world. Polyurethane flooring is the most suitable, least expensive, and least expensive flooring in providing environmental laws in response to the needs of different industries. In recent decades, the use of polyurethane flooring has increased more than before due to lower prices.

In summary, you can read all the benefits of this type of flooring in the following section, which includes:

  • The glossy surface of polyurethane flooring
  • Very high abrasion resistance of polyurethane flooring
  • Easy implementation of polyurethane flooring
  • Excellent adhesion of polyurethane flooring to concrete surfaces
  • High resistance of polyurethane floors to acids and alkalis
  • Very good flexibility of polyurethane flooring
  • High impact resistance of polyurethane flooring
  • Integration of polyurethane flooring
  • Antibacterial properties of polyurethane flooring
  • Variety of colors and high designs
  • Acoustic properties of polyurethane flooring

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