Polyurethane Resin floors are becoming increasingly popular as they create a modern easy care, hard wearing seamless finish. Resin offers both comfort and warmth with a silky underfoot experience and is compatible with most underfloor heating systems. The floors are poured onsite therefore there are no joins or edges where the floor surface meets against walls, curves or stairs.
Resin flooring is ideal for unique one off designs. It comes in many different colours( single or multi coloured) with varying thicknesses depending on your choice and requirements. All our product in our Resin Flooring Company is AgBB Certified from quality Eco friendly European Manufacturers and is UV Stable.

Types of Flooring available from our Company

Classic Floor: Single Colour Resin Floor  3.0 mm thickness)
Our most cost effective.  Five layers of different resin solution products.
Comfort Floor:  Single colour Top Quality Resin ( 3.5mm thickness)
Five layers of top quality Dutch resin product, including an extra 0.5 mm of body coat for extra comfort and softness.
Deluxe Floor:  Single Colour with Fibreglass Base (3.6mm thickness)
Six layers of top quality Dutch resin product including an extra strength fibreglass base layer for added durability.
Two Colour Fusion Resin Floor;  (3.5mm thickness)
Similar to Comfort Floor but with a blend of two colours of your choice to achieve a unique fusion finish.
Three Colour Fusion Resin Floor:  (3.5mm thickness)
Similar to Comfort Floor but with a blend of three colours of your choice to achieve a more artistic fusion finish.
Acoustic Extra Soft Resin Floor: (7.5mm thickness)
Seven layers of resin including 4mm acoustic rubber. Can also reduce sound transmission up to 18 decibels.
Luxury Resin Terrazzo Floor:  (3.6mm thickness)
A luxury comfort floor mixed with your choice of stone or granite colour combinations.
Concreta Hard Floor: Super strong high-grade concrete alternative floor finish.