Sale of polyurethane resin (Part II)

In the following description of the broad applications of polyurethane resin, we must also name the following reasons:

Excellent strength and durability
An essential feature that every resin should have is its high strength and durability, which dramatically reduces the need for repair and reconstruction.

High chemical resistance
The reason for the supply and sale of polyurethane resin in chemical factories, including our resin flooring company, is that polyurethane resin can be structurally highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and detergents.

Easy installation and repair
In addition to the fact that selling polyurethane resin at the factory price will be very convenient for the buyer, its easy installation will also reduce additional costs. Also, any part of this resin that is damaged on the surfaces does not need to be replaced and rebuilt, and you can repair the same region.

Do not harm the environment
Today, to minimize the harm of polyurethane resin to the environment, its water-based type was launched, which, while protecting the environment, also significantly increased the sales of polyurethane resin.

Applications for selling polyurethane resin
Now that you understand the wide range of properties of using polyurethane resin, you may be a little familiar with which industries make the most profit from buying this type of resin as a floor covering and so on. The floor is removed from:

Places with very high hygiene tips
One of the properties of the polyurethane resin is its low absorption and antimicrobial properties. For this reason, it is used for hospital industries (operating room), food, pharmaceutical, health, and even slaughterhouses. It is also known as pure resin, which is used as a sanitary floor.

Sports and commercial industries
Because it shows good resistance to UV rays, polyurethane resin is therefore also suitable in open environments. Because it can be lined with different lines with the same design and color, polyurethane resin can be observed by applying resin flooring for homes in sports industries (gyms, gyms, gyms), passages, commercial buildings, and commercial buildings, and even some educational spaces. These surfaces are also subject to high impact, traffic and abrasion and should not be slippery; That is why polyurethane resin is the best option.

Parking lots
Polyurethane resin is non-slip and has no particular application restrictions on concrete, metal, mosaic, asphalt, and even wood and stone surfaces. For this reason, managers of residential and commercial complexes and even private homes prefer to use polyurethane resin as domestic resin flooring and paint instead of remodeling the floor to reduce costs drastically. And also have very high durability. Therefore, we also see the sale of polyurethane resin in this sector, usually the most used single-component type.

Doing 3D designs
One of the remarkable features of polyurethane resin floors is its application and extremely high quality in perspective and so-called three-dimensional design and illustration, usually in demand for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, and walls. Also, note that the supply and sale of polyurethane resin with a guarantee of water and thermal insulation and sound.

Colored layers
Combining a two-component polyurethane resin (i.e., a combination of a resin with a hardener to dry and harden the paint) with a blue solvent, two-component polyurethane paints can be produced to paint the pedestrian bridge, ship, top layer of coating. In addition, protective equipment, agricultural and automotive tools and equipment, interior coating of paint cans (of course, oven paint is also used), oil rigs, etc., are used.
In this article, we introduced polyurethane resin. We stated its properties, and naturally, any properties and advantages for this resin will be evident in the surfaces and places used. According to the stated features, we have described its different applications. Naturally, the selling price of polyurethane resin flooring varies depending on the type of target industries and applications and even the kind of manufacturing plant. Still, you can buy at the factory price by choosing reputable online stores affiliated with manufacturing plants and even sales agents. This means eliminating intermediaries and raising prices indiscriminately.


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