The additive of artificial stone resin


Dezobuild r-44 domestic resin flooring is designed to produce artificial stone, ready-mixed concrete, prefabricated concrete plants, and the production of strong concrete that is expected to achieve high strength and good performance. Dezobuild r-44 is chlorine-free.

Chemical performance and behavior

Conventional superplasticizers, generally based on melamine sulfonate or naphthalene formaldehyde, are adsorbed on cement during mixing. In the early moments of cement hydration, this group of polymers increases the negative charge on cement particles. It causes them to disperse, which is due to the repulsive property of static electricity.
Dezobuild r-44 differs from conventional superplasticizers in practice. Thus, the base of this product is polycarboxylic ether, and it also has molecular side chains. At the beginning of hydration, like conventional superplasticizers, it distributes cement particles well with the help of static electricity. The presence of side chains severely prevents the re-accumulation of cement particles and keeps them separate and dispersed. This behavior produces aerated concrete with very small amounts of water.

The additive of resin
The additive of resin


The excellent cement dispersing properties of dezobuild r-44 make it an ideal additive for artificial stone, ready-mixed concrete, and precast concrete industries, especially in projects where the ratio of water to cement is very low.
This property makes it possible to produce concretes with very high initial and long-term strengths that contain fewer bubbles and are therefore very compact. These features (resistance development) make it possible to save steam processing energy in prefabricated parts factories.


Dezobuild r-44 is available in 22 kg gallons, 220 kg barrels, and large tanks.

  • Appearance: concentrated liquid
  • Yellow
  • Specific weight: 1.15 grams per cubic centimeter
  • Alkaline number: 6.5
  • Shipping: in non-hazardous classification
Impact on hardened concrete
  • Increased compressive strength in early and long-term ages
  • Increase flexural strength
  • More modulus of elasticity
  • Improved adhesion to reinforcements and steel
  • Better resistance to carbonation
  • Less permeability
  • Better resistance to harmful environmental factors
  • Reduce contraction and creep
  • More durability


This product should not be mixed with any other material unless approved by the experts of our domestic resin flooring company. For concrete mixes contains the following ingredients:

  • Microsilica
  • Concrete aggregates
  • Fly ash
  • Cement containing slag ash from kilns
Consumption amounts

Typical consumption of dezobuild r-44 is between 0.2 to 1.4 liters per 100 kg of cement (cement material). Values ​​outside this range are permitted, provided workshop tests are performed.

Consumption tips

Dezobuild r-44 is a ready-to-use additive and must be added when making concrete. The best effect is when about 50 to 70% of water consumption is added. Never add this product to dry materials. Thorough mixing should be done and for this purpose, after adding dezobuild r-44, stir the mixture at high speed for 60 seconds.


Dezobuild r-44 should be stored in its original container at + 5 ° c. If frozen, you can heat it gently and stir it to be recycled. Failure to observe proper storage conditions may damage the product or its container. For more information on the appropriate storage method, contact the technical department of our resin flooring company.

Safety tips

Dezobuild r-44 does not contain any dangerous substances. For more information, refer to the product safety brochure.

Technical approval

All products offered by our resin floors company are following international quality standards.

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