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What is Microcement flooring?

Modern coating floor designs can be complex. The choice of a coating floor material depends on the need of the project both in terms of strength and appearance and in relation to local legislation and building situations.

Among coating materials microcement is one of the best. Microcement is a cement and polymer-based coating a decorative coating composed of cement, water-based resins, additives and mineral pigments, The strong, polymer bonding power in microcement mixes allows the finish to be applied to almost any existing substrate. you can apply microcement even on floors and walls due to its great adherence and tenacity.

This powder has a variety of colors and textures, and it allows the designer and project manager to implement their desired design easily. Installation of microcement flooring or microcement on walls is simple and done by human forces using special trowels. Of course, every company has its own implementation method from preparation of base to installation.

Microcement with total thickness of 2 and 3 millimeters, creates a uniform, leveled, seamless and durable surface, its variety of colors and various texture have made it popular among interior decoration designers, architects and customers with any tastes.

Microcement flooring

Microcement imposed only 2 kg of load per square meter to the span, while parquet imposes 7 kg, ceramic11 kg, stone at least 17kg, and concrete 23 kg of weight to the structure. The high tensile strength of microcement protect the building against earthquake.

Types of microcement

  • Microbase

    as its name suggests, this material is used as a primary substrate for the implementation of other types of microcements
  • Microfresh

    The best choice for covering the floor is microcarpet, which has a medium texture and a resistant surface for walking .Therefore, it will be the best choice for crowded
  • Microfino

    Microfino is a product that is mostly used to cover walls. Also, its unique appearance and waterproof feature have made the use of this product more suitable for
  • Microdeck

    is one of the best types of microcement, which with its elegant and natural appearance can be the best option to complete the decoration of the building. Also, due to its medium grain texture, moisture affects it less than Microfine. This material is aesthetically very similar to polished concrete.

Microcement has a wide range of applications and is extremely versatile, it does not belong to a specific section and all places can be microcemented common applications for example are:

  • On walls
  • Stairs
  • Kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • floors
  • worktops
  • swimming pools
  • shopping centers
  • offices

Microcement on walls

Microcement is not only a good choice for floors but also for walls, its versatility in terms of finishes, colors and textures, as well as high quality and competitive price makes it popular among interior designers, architects and individual customers in recent years in both interior and exterior spaces.

In our gallery you will find different microcement walls to inspire you.

Microcement thickness is just 3mm and you can coat it directly on the surface of all materials like as marble, tiles, ceramic, stoneware without need to remove the substrate.

Microcement walls are highly recommended as you will obtain a long-lasting aesthetic and durable result, Microcement among other its counterpart is a perfect solution that can meet all your needs.

Why microcement walls?

For renovation the surface substrate doesn’t need to be rubbed so you don’t need to vacant home while microcement coating is carried out as no building work or removal of existing materials is necessary.

Applying Microcement on walls make any probability defect on surface disappears completely. Microcement walls offer a high resistance and durability to your surface against scratches and chemicals and non-cracking wall this advantage prove that microcement is much more than just a decorative coating.

You can also apply microcement on exterior walls thanks to its high resistance to UV rays, as well as a high durability to changes in temperature and humidity. Its property make microcement to be very popular for covering the spaces that are expose to sunlight.

Like as the other resin flooring materials, microcement is alsoBeing impermeable which is one of the most important properties that microcement walls have this featurethat makes it a good choice for spaces that are exposed to water and humidity like as kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Thanks to the seamless and the absence of the joints there is not a good place for germs to grow so the cleaning will not be a problem you just need a cloth and water to clean the surface.

Microcement on wall contains of eight layers, works well on the wall and in order to display a seamless wall, it will be about eight layers, two layers are applied in the form of a mesh on the wall to be sound insulation and air cooling layers.

The next 4 layers will be applied to the wall as a layer of paint, which is also known as micro-surface layers, and the other two layers will be installed on the wall as resin and primer, which will be waterproof that makes it a good choice for using in industrial or hospital environments, or any other environments.

Microcement price

When it comes to the price of microcement there are several factors that must be considered. Firstly the length of the surface should be measured the more the dimension the more it will cost.

Secondly the state of the surface the more damaged be the surface the more mircrocement needs to be applied so the cost will rise.

Thirdly the cost of the professional applying the microcemnt are different and also the cost of the difficulty of work must be considered.

Fourthly the quality of the material plays an important role on the price of the microcement.

In addition Colorful mircrocement works will increase the price because it increase the time of work using painter’s tape is essential for each zone. Although it is also necessary to wait until the applied color has dried properly.

Microcement colors

Microcement with a wide variety of colors allows you to decorate your home or work space according to your taste. You can even choose your own custom colors mixing colors together and make your desire color, adding a tint of black to microcement you can get any shade of gray- from light gray to almost black. Using colored microcement will add a new aesthetic space to your project.

Besides using colored microsecement and making an attractive environment you will have durable and long-lasting solution with little or no maintenance.

Microcement colors are resistant to sunlight and weather changes so you do not have to be worry about repainting surfaces every now and then. Although microcement offers an unlimited choice when it comes to color palettes. Just a few tint of pigments are enough to get your desire color.