Epoxy concrete resin

Epoxy resins have many unique applications in various industries, including building quality, due to their unique properties. These resins are used in the construction industry in fillers, coatings, flooring, repairers, polymer concretes, etc. Epoxy resin and Hardener are used in modern polymer concretes. Instead of using cement as an adhesive, epoxy resin flooring for homes […]

Transparent Epoxy Resin

You should know that there are different types of epoxy resin in the market. In other words, epoxy resin is a large family that includes a variety of resins. Epoxy resin has many mechanical properties, the most important of which is protecting works of art. Epoxy resin is resistant to natural degradation and external destructive […]

What is epoxy resin flooring?

Epoxy resin flooring , which today have a very high efficiency of materials in strengthening, repairing, and strengthening various structures, especially in composite products, are composed of epoxy resin and hardeners. These materials are also used to manufacture solid moulds, with good adhesion to various layers, high chemical resistance (especially in very acidic and alkaline […]

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