Epoxy concrete resin

Epoxy resins have many unique applications in various industries, including building quality, due to their unique properties. These resins are used in the construction industry in fillers, coatings, flooring, repairers, polymer concretes, etc. Epoxy resin and Hardener are used in modern polymer concretes. Instead of using cement as an adhesive, epoxy resin flooring for homes […]

Domestic Resin Flooring for Homes

Resins are in the group of polymers; these materials are available from both natural and synthetic (synthetic) sources and are found in two forms, semi-solid and liquid, which have various properties and applications. It has undergone many changes since the use of this polymeric material. If you are curious about the structure and properties of […]

What is a resin?

Resin is a polymer with large molecular chains that are produced naturally or synthetically (centrifugal). Resin flooring is a raw material in the paint industry and fiberglass industry classified according to its structure. The primary function of resin flooring for homes in the paint industry is as follows: Color film formation The role of the […]

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