Everything about polyurethane resin

Polyurethane sheets are formed by incremental reactions between an isocyanate group and an active hydrogen compound such as a hydroxyl group. Isocyanates are highly reactive, so as the reaction progresses, they do not need to rise in temperature and the reaction takes place at ambient temperature. Polyurethane can be produced in various forms including: powders, liquids and emulsions, films, foams, elastomers and polyurethane fabrics.

Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resin floors or polyurethane resin flooring is a viscous and insoluble material in water. This material hardens under certain conditions. The origin of polyurethane resin is natural and synthetic. In fact, synthetic polyurethane resins are high viscosity polymers that form many types of adhesives, including widely used resins such as urea formaldehyde, epoxy coating, polyester, polyurethane coating and so on.

Resistance of polyurethane resin

The resistance of polyurethane resin to impact and abrasion as well as cracking is very desirable. One of their most important features is fast and complete cooking at room temperature.
Aliphatic polyurethanes are more expensive than other aromatic models, so different types of aromatics and other epoxies are used in the liners, which have base colors with interface coatings, while aliphatic polyurethanes have the final coating. This type of protective coating to prevent abrasion of steel parts whose primers and base coatings are epoxy. Aliphatic is one of the most important polyurethanes. Polyurethane coatings are also used as floor coverings.

Specifications of single component polyurethane resin

One-component polyurethane resin can be adhered to various surfaces, creating a very elastic and strong membrane. No need to use additional solvents; Because there is a small amount of solvent (XYLOL) in it. Polyurethane resin flooring for homes is composed of pure water-repellent elastomeric resins and special fillers. These resins have high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance as well as high resistance to UX.
The use of polyurethane in various industries is very high, polyurethane resin can be fully used to execute outdoor spaces in white-gray colors.

Two-component polyurethane resin

In fact, two-component polyurethane resin with hardener is used in the paint industry as a paint base. This type of domestic resin flooring is solvent free.
The characteristics of polyurethane molding resins and modeling can be due to its outstanding mechanical properties and high flexibility, as well as the fact that it does not shrink and shrink during the molding process, it is possible to make molds with extremely high sensitivity. Reducing the cost of manufacturing and producing molds, increasing speed, as well as variety in achieving the desired characteristics in molds and models, as well as producing low-volume parts are the salient features of polyurethane resin in the manufacture and production of molds, models and parts.

Application of two-component polyurethane

A variety of polyurethane models are widely used for various industries. The base of two-component polyurethane coating is polyurethane resin, which due to abrasion resistance and increased mechanical resistance and stability against chemical agents, for coating concrete, asphalt and metal surfaces in Areas that require high mechanical strength of the floor are used. The advantages of using this type of coating are the same as epoxy coatings, with the only difference that this type of coating compared to epoxy coating has unparalleled resistance to ultraviolet rays.
Two-component polyurethane coatings are used for floors in health, military, sports and industrial centers.

Single component polyurethane

One-component polyurethane paint is resin-based. This type of glossy and transparent layer floor covering that is used for flooring. This type of polyurethane has good resistance to abrasion, acid rain, and ultraviolet rays. This type of polyurethane is also used for parking floors or playgrounds. When using polyurethane paints, the surface must be free of any contaminants and dust. Before using polyurethane paints, the desired surface must be free of any contamination. In addition, all cracks, corrosions and seams with proper coverage should be smooth and smooth.
The paints used in single-component polyurethanes are less resistant than the paints in two-component polyurethanes, so the drying time is faster. Also, low temperatures quickly become hard and hard. Single-component polyurethane flooring has excellent adhesion and can be easily used on surfaces such as metal and concrete.

The largest producers of polyurethane resin

One of the major companies in the field of polyurethane resin production is the our Resin Floors Company, which produces products and accessories such as tile adhesive and epoxy resin.

Price of polyurethane resin

The price of polyurethane resin is cheaper than epoxy resin, which is why the demand for this type of resin has increased, but due to economic fluctuations in the market, this type of product has also changed and does not have a fixed price.

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