Types of resin flooring and its applications (Part III)

In the continuation of the previous article, we want to explain the steps of applying polyurethane domestic resin flooring after surface preparation:

Apply polyurethane floor primer layer
At this stage, polyurethane-based primers, which have a very low viscosity compared to other materials, are applied as a primer and the initial layer of polyurethane flooring. Using the primer, it can be ensured that the polyurethane coating layer is attached to the desired floor with high reliability. The polyurethane primer consists of two components, resin, and hardener. The polyurethane primer has the following specifications:

  • This primer has excellent adhesion on concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Polyurethane primer is pure and completely powder-free.
  • Pot life of epoxy primer at 25 ° C is 90 minutes.

Application of the middle layer of polyurethane flooring reinforced with fiberglass (reinforced middle layer)
In this stage of polyurethane flooring, Chopped Strand Mat or fiberglass polymer fibers are applied in a wet application method (Hand lay-up) on all executive and expansion joints. The application of this layer is optional and leads to high mechanical strength for polyurethane flooring. It also makes the compressive, tensile, and flexural strength of polyurethane flooring high.
After the preparation of all joints according to the above process, the middle layer is applied using mastic materials, including resin, micro silica, and granulated silica. These materials play the role of mastic and leveling, and their general specifications are as follows:

  • Unparalleled adhesion to all concrete, metal, glass, and stone surfaces and…
  • High mechanical properties
  • This material consists of two components, resin, and hardener.
  • Pot Life at 30 ° C is 30 minutes.

Apply the final layer of polyurethane coating
After performing the previous three steps, the final layer of polyurethane resin flooring for homes will be applied, also called the polyurethane coating application stage. A special polyurethane resin acts this step. The general specifications are as follows:

  • Execution of polyurethane coating on surfaces is speedy.
  • Polyurethane coatings are resistant to corrosive environments and industrial oils.
  • Polyurethane coating materials consist of two components: resin and hardener.

The pot life of polyurethane coatings at 25 ° C is 30 minutes.

Advantages of polyurethane flooring

  • Glossy surface of polyurethane flooring
  • Very high abrasion resistance of polyurethane flooring
  • Easy implementation of polyurethane flooring
  • Excellent adhesion of polyurethane flooring to concrete surfaces
  • Very high resistance of polyurethane floors to acids and alkalis
  • Excellent flexibility of polyurethane flooring
  • High impact resistance of polyurethane floors
  • Integration of polyurethane flooring
  • Antibacterial properties of polyurethane flooring
  • Variety of colors and high designs
  • Acoustic properties of polyurethane flooring

Application of polyurethane flooring

  • Suitable for covering workshops and factories
  • Great option for covering high impact surfaces
  • Suitable for gym flooring
  • Suitable for warehouse flooring
  • Can be used in hospital and clinic floors
  • Can be used in structures under stress
  • Suitable for commercial and store flooring
  • Suitable for parking floors, public, and homes

Polyurethane flooring is easy to clean, and its maintenance cost is meager. Polyurethane flooring system, similar to industrial epoxy flooring, consists of three main layers: primer, middle layer, and a final layer of polyurethane coating, each of which is applied in different stages.

Types of polyurethane flooring

Sports polyurethane flooring
One of the most critical applications of polyurethane flooring is in gyms. Because polyurethane flooring has good flexibility and good resistance to impact, it is a good option as a gym floor because it does not lose its quality over time.

Industrial polyurethane flooring
Polyurethane flooring is also an excellent choice for industrial environments. Because these floors have good resistance to industrial hazardous materials and chemicals. One of the applications of this type of coating is on pipe surfaces. Good strength and easy implementation make using this product on pipe surfaces.

Antistatic polyurethane flooring or spark-proof polyurethane flooring
This type of polyurethane prevents sparks from passing static electricity through itself. Therefore, this type of polyurethane can be used in places where the spark may have irreparable damage (such as ammunition depots and explosives storage depots).

Scratch-resistant polyurethane flooring
This type of polyurethane can be used in cases where surface scratching is essential for use.

Polyurethane flooring has unique regulations and standards, and these products must have passed their physical, chemical, and mechanical tests.

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